International Shipping to Belgium and Germany

For international Shipping please visit this page. We love going to Belgium and Germany, so off course we want to ship sustainable products to our friends once in a while. It’s a bit more expensive, but we do offer free shipping to Belgium and Germany on orders worth more than € 100,- . Otherwise shipping costs are € 7,95 incl. VAT/TVA/mehrwertsteuer. Even better: our packages to Belgium and Germany are 100% covered by insurance, so in case a package is damaged you will always get your products or money back.

We may also ship to other countries

These include: France, the UK (including Scotland and Ireland), Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Portugal.

International shipping rates may vary depending on the country that we are shipping to. Please send your question about products and detailed address information to International shipments are insured. Examples: Denmark € 16,50 / France € 15,00 / Italy € 17,50 / Spain € 17,50 / Portugal € 20,50 / UK € 15,00 incl. VAT.

If you want to order from the United States or Elsewhere, please write us on Thank you.

Translation of this website

Currently we do not offer a fully translated version of our website. This would require a lot of time and work. However you are free to try out Google Translate on our site (use the language selector in our footer if you have cookies enabled). We do not guarantee fluent languages but it might help you understand some descriptions, product information and ordering from abroad.