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DAMEN & sustainability

Working for Damen Shipyards means working for a company that is committed to ensuring continuous improvement of its products and production methods, with the objective of reducing the environmental impact. Sharing environmental awareness with every member of the company is one of the main objectives of the Sustainability Week. We at Ecomondo are proud to work together alongside Damen Shipyard to fight for cleaner oceans and a brighter future.

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We understand that making sustainable choices also means a monetary investment, to help ease the transition Ecomondo.nl has offered to provide all Damen employees with discounts or pre-selected starter kits (coming soon) for your every day lifestyle.

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Small steps, Big Impact

If you are eager to work on the ‘Bigger Picture’ of environmental sustainability, there is no better place to start than at home. Here in the Netherlands we have the saying ‘Een betere wereld begint bij jezelf’. Ecomondo is a company that, like Damen Shipyards, cares a great deal for our oceans. We share the belief that we have to do everything within our reach to make sure that future generations get to enjoy the wonders of the waters. At Ecomondo we specialise in the small steps you can take to get to the big results. We provide you with everything you need to make small adjustments in your daily life that lead to a more sustainable world.

Have a look have look around in our webshop! With your personal discount code you get 15% off of your order. If you are unsure where to begin your self sustainable journey: don’t worry! We have created a few Starter Boxes filled with our personal favourites and bestsellers.

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste can be done in many ways. By becoming more aware of your food dietary choices and habits or reducing your consumption of plastic – one of the main pollutants of the ocean. For example switching to reusable bags, water bottles or other eco, organic, reused or fair and circular products. Enjoy a nice day at the local market with friends and family to purchase locally produced fruits and vegetables of the season, rather than choosing pre-wrapped produce from the supermarkets, supporting not only local farmers but also the environment.

How can you help as a consumer?

  •  Reduce of refuse single use packaging
  •  Bring your own lunchbox, cup of lunch wrap
  •  Shop with reusable bags, bread bags and vegetable bags
  •  Pick up plastics and litter from the street and the water
  •  Choose fresher products rather then ready meals and salads

Impact of Marine Debris

kosten van plastic vervuiling in zee

What does Ecomondo do to protect the oceans and to inspire?

Our founder started diving up litter from the Mediterranean Sea almost 20 years ago. Single use plastic bottles were dancing on the bottom of the crystal clear water. What were they doing there? People gave him strange looks as he brought plastics to shore, but this was the start of a bigger movement. Now everybody knows about beach clean-ups and numerous organisations such as the Ocean Cleanup. Ecomondo works together with organisations like By the Ocean we Unite, the Plastic Soup Surfer, Great Bubble Barrier, Grondstofjutters and they frequently help organising city- or beach cleanups.

Informative links:

Clean Rivers Project: https://www.schonerivieren.org

By The Ocean We unite https://www.bytheoceanweunite.org/

Great Bubble Barrier https://thegreatbubblebarrier.com/

Grondstofjutters http://www.grondstofjutters.nl/

Less Plastic UK https://www.lessplastic.org.uk/

Ghostdiving https://www.ghostdiving.org/


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